esense LINE 200 Mobile Hoist

The column lift with large range.

The lifts in the Line series are passive column lifts. Due to the linear, fully vertical, lifting movement of the column, the patient can be positioned very accurately. Line lifts come standard with a 4-point electric hanger bar to move the patient comfortably from sitting to lying position and back.

The dimensions of the Line200*, with a large arm length and a low base frame, guarantee patients are always placed sufficiently far on a bed or in a wheelchair. The design of the Line is more compact. That makes the lift most suitable for use in small spaces. The Line230 is developed for heavier patients. The design combines the robust base frame of the Line200 with the compact arm of the Line to reach a weight capacity of 230 kg.

The patented esense drive system makes it possible to move the lift with minimal force in any direction. The force sensor in the handlebar feels how the lift is pushed and translate this to the right direction and speed of the electric wheel under the lift. The low operating forces prevent physical complaints caused by pushing and pulling. The intuitive control guarantees a minimal learning time.

All lifts in the Line series are equipped with an integrated NiMH battery with charger. The very large capacity of the battery ensures that the lift is always ready for use.

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Technical Specifications




Weight capacity
150 kg
200 kg
230 kg
Length of base
100 cm
120 cm
Height of base
11,5 cm
Maximum width with closed legs
68 cm
74 cm
Maximum internal width with open legs
103 cm
127 cm
Vertical range
130 cm
Horizontal reach
55 cm
72 cm
55 cm
Protection grade
Battery type
Battery voltage and capacity*
24V 9Ah
Average number of transfers on a full battery**
Guaranteed battery lifetime in charge cycles
500 x
* All lifts in the Line series are also available without esense drive system. These versions are equipped with a lower capacity battery. ** Calculation available upon request.
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