PPE Organiser Stations

The world’s largest range of multifunction Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) Organiser Stations and accessories specifically designed for the Healthcare Industry.

The Sterri-Matt® range of PPE Organisers and accessories are the worlds first multifunctional organisers designed to meet all aspects of infection control. 

Designed in collaboration with a hospital infection control team, the Sterri-Matt® PPE Organisers meet the high standards and technical specification of infection control guidelines.

The Sterri-Matt® range of PPE Organisers are manufactured to a very high standard to ensure a long usable life in the most harshest of environments.

The range features many options to meet the PPE dispensing needs of all departments in Hospitals, Aged Care, Day Surgeries and more. Each Sterri-Matt® PPE station is designed to be used in multiple ways, thus reducing storage issues.

Our organisers can all be Wall Mounted, Door Hung or clipped to our innovative Mobile Station.

All our organisers have the following features:

Sterri-Matt ® Large Wall PPE Organiser

Product Code: SMATT-WCS1

The large PPE Station is designed for wall mount only. Ideal for creating a central and easily accessible PPE Station that takes all PPE consumables. Ideal for large Hospital wards or other areas where staff access to PPE is required. Designed to fit all types of PPE packaging. Ticks all the boxes for infection control requirements. Our large PPE station is now widely used throughout hospitals and is now a standard for many health districts.


Width Height Depth Product Weight Filled Weight Fixing Points
SMATT-WCS1 63cm 79cm 16.5cm 7kg 17kg 6

Sterri-Matt ® Standard PPE Organiser

Product Code: SMATT-WCS2

A more compact version of our large PPE organiser station. Clinically designed to take all the required PPE consumables when staff are working with an infectious patient/resident. This multifunctional organiser can be used either as a wall mount or with our specially designed door hang kit which is ideal for space restricted areas. Finally this organiser can clip to our unique Mobile Station. A large number of accessories can also be clipped to this organiser ensuring you can build your organiser to fit your need. Our standard PPE organiser has been proven to improve staff compliance around PPE use as well as reducing wastage of ppe.


Width Height Depth Product Weight Filled Weight Fixing Points
SMATT-WCS2 39.5cm 86cm 15cm 2kg 14kg 6

Sterri-Matt ® Mini PPE Organiser

Product Code: SMATT-WCS3

The baby of the organiser range, but designed to be highly functional in an infection control setting. Featuring the basics of PPE consumables and as with our standard PPE organiser can be used as a wall mount, door hang or with our Mobile Station. A highly popular model that provides a basic but effective improvement to infection control programs


Width Height Depth Product Weight Filled Weight Fixing Points
SMATT-WCS3 41.1cm 58.5cm 15cm 2kg 8kg 4

Sterri-Matt® PPE Mobile Stations

Product Code: SMATT-WCSP/ WCSM

The mobile trolley is a bespoke universal station for use with the range of Sterri-Matt PPE consumables organisers. The stand is adjustable to take either the small, mini, pandemic or gown and mask organiser, according to your requirements.

The stable base with lockable wheels allows for easy transport between stations. You can choose to include a clip on double-sided warning sign.

Designed in collaboration with a clinical team from Queensland Health, the mobile station is an ideal infection control addition where wall space is not available for the wall mount organisers.

The base is in infection control yellow to ensure it is highly visible and the durable construction ensures the station withstands the rigours of constant use.

PPE Station Accessories

Door Hang Kit

Product Code: SMATT-WCSD

Bracket for hanging PPE organiser from a door – still allows the door to close.

Clip-on Warning Sign

Product Code: SMATT-WCSFA

Easy-Change sign for placing warning instructions. Coded Pictures. Clips on door hang bracket.

Universal Hand Sanitiser Bracket

Product Code: SMATT-WCSMB

Clips on to all PPE Organisers and can take all sizes of Hand Sanitiser bottles.

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