Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations

Caretua is committed to meeting the requirements of the European Union (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2014. These Regulations require producers of electrical and electronic equipment to finance the takeback of WEEE resulting from products that we place on the Irish market. This helps us to ensure that WEEE is reused or recycled safely.

For products that we placed on the market after 13 August 2005, you do not need to make a new purchase from us to avail of the offer. However, for a product that was placed on the market before 13 August 2005, we are only obliged take it back when you make a purchase from us of a similar type of product (i.e. ‘Takeback’ is on a one-for-one basis only and the product must be of a similar type or have performed the same function as the new item purchased).

If you choose not to return WEEE to us then you should not dispose of it in your bins (the crossed out wheeled-bin symbol on the product reminds users not to dispose WEEE in the bin). You should ensure that the WEEE is collected separately and sent for proper treatment. WEEE contains hazardous substances and if not managed and treated safely it can cause pollution and damage human health.

Caretua is fully committed to fulfil its obligations as a ‘Producer’ of electrical products and batteries. Under its ‘Producer’ obligation, Caretua holds a certificate of registration with the Producer Register Limited (number 3237WB) and holds a certificate of membership with WEEE Ireland (number IND826).

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