What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

The term PAT generally refers to in-service inspection and testing of portable appliances. ( e.g Electric bedframes, Hoists chargers, alternating mattresses, TV’s, radios, printers.)Electrical appliances are built to specific standards and these appliances undergo various tests by the manufacturer before they reach the customer to ensure that they conform to the required standards.

PAT testing is essentially a repeat of the electrical safety tests that were carried out at the time the product was manufactured. It is a periodic in-service electrical safety inspection and test to ensure that the electrical safety of the appliance is not compromised while the equipment is in service.

Why PAT?

All Employers have a duty of care to ensure that their electrical appliances do not pose a threat to the health and safety of employees, customers and the public who may come into contact with those appliances.

This requirement is now covered by legislation effective November 2007 under Statutory Instrument S.I. 299 (2007). This is the general application regulation covering the new legislation under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act that came into force in September 2005 with the introduction of the Commencement Order S.I. 328 (2005).

Each piece of mobile equipment covered under contract with Caretua receives a basic PA test during the service visit. If the equipment is medical, it must be tested to IEC 60601 STANDARDS.

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Portable Appliance Testing (Report Service)

How is it carried out?

The testing is carried out using an MEDICALLY APPROVED ELECTRICAL SAFETY ANALYSER specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of testing medical devices.

The appliance is first given a visual inspection to see if the plug, cable, or the appliance is damaged in any way making it unsafe, the fuse rating is also checked.

This result along with appliance serial number , type & location are entered into the analyser.

This is then followed by a series of automatic Tests (examples of test include Polarity, earth contininuity, insulation resistance, operational & earth leakage). On completion of these tests the analyser will either PASS or FAIL the tested appliance.

A barcoded label will be attached to each appliance detailing whether it has passed or failed the testing process.


Following the completion of the PA TESTING of all Customers Appliances, the Stored Appliance Data is uploaded to our MED-eBase database.

Once this information has been uploaded, the following reports are provided to the customer:

Appliance Register: A list of all equipment tested.

Pass & Fail Certificates: A list of equipment that have either passed or failed.

Display Certificate: A certificate to display to advise that the appliances on the premises have been tested for electrical safety.

The results will be stored for 5 YEARS and can be inspected at any time. If the Customer has a current service contract , the details will also be uploaded onto our on-line Service management system.