Change heavy to healthy

Working healthy with esense.


Approximately one third of absence in the health care sector is related to physical overload. Moving patients and equipment is one of the sources of such overload. Multiple studies show the relationship between the high forces needed to move loads manually and the development of musculoskeletal disorders, such as back, neck, and shoulder complaints.

‘The internationally accepted technical report ISO/TR 12296 provides guidance for assessing the problems and risks associated with manual patient handling in the healthcare sector.’

The challenge lies in practice, to bring and keep physical loads in daily work situations within the guidelines set out in the ISO report.

Our approach to Working Healthy

Esense and Caretua are committed to creating healthy work situations. From the existing situation we work towards a healthy situation in 3 steps.


The practical work situation is assessed with help of the esense Ergometer. This instrument can be used to measure how much force is used when moving mobile equipment. The situation analysis also includes attributes such as the lay-out of the space and the way users interact with the product.


The analysis will show whether the ISO/TR 12296 guidelines are being met. If not, targeted action is recommended. In some cases the environment or the way users handle the product (driving behavior) can be improved. For example rearranging the lay-out of the room or training to eliminate unfavorable driving behavior. When measures like these are not an option or insufficient, the solution must be found in adjusting the product. In that case esense drive support is an effective solution.


Electrical drive support in itself does not yet guarantee a healthy work situation. When the product is not used correctly use forces can still be too high. Therefore esense products are equipped with extra functionality. Like the Ergo feedback function which alerts the user via LEDs on the hand control when too much force is used to move the product. The live feedback helps users to work within the ergonomic guidelines and thus contributes directly to prevent physical overload.

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