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Silentia partner with health care facilities around the world to deliver a privacy screen system that offers safety and optimal patient care. Keep it CleanTM is their commitment to raising the bar for improved hygiene standards and infection prevention. Thanks to the EasyCare functions, Silentia screens are easy to disinfect, move and combine. Our products consist of different lengths and heights, all part of a complete system that can adapt to your specific needs.

Our Silentia Screens are a patented screening system that have been designed to benefit both patients and healthcare staff.  They offer the following benefits:

  • Restrict sight, providing privacy
  • Segregating genders within wards, maintaining dignity
  • Reduce sound
  • Easy to clean, aiding infection control
  • Allow for flexible accommodation within wards
  • Easy to install and do not interfere with overhead hoists or other equipment.
  • Wide product range


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Easy Concept
  • Our Easy Concept is the foundation upon which our patented screen system is built. This Swedish-made system, invented by Silentia in 1990, is the leading alternative to privacy curtains for hospitals and care environments all over the world.
  • The Easy Concept consists of our three trademarks: EasyClean™ EasyReturn™ and EasyClick™. These key features make our wide range of products easily installed, cleaned and handled- contributing to optimal hygiene and easily-achieved patient privacy.
  • The products within the Easy Concept are offered in a wide range of heights, lengths, combinations and colors. Our screens come in both fixed and mobile, as well as folding and frosted to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment.
Easy Clean
  • Infection control has never been more important than today, making our screens the leading alternative to privacy curtains.
  • Our EasyClean™ concept makes achieving optimal hygiene quick and efficient with our smooth and solid surfaces. Our screens withstand all disinfectants used in care settings today and have the unique ability to be instantly cleaned without being moved or requiring any additional labor.
  • All of our screens feature high quality wheels that can be easily removed and washed separately as a result of our EasyClick concept. The unique design of the wheels helps keep dust and hair from gathering in the wheel over time.
Easy Click
  • EasyClick makes it simple to connect and combine our screens, creating a versatile solution to meet privacy needs across any department.
  • Our high quality wheels are also easy to remove and re-install thanks to our EasyClick feature. Removing and re-installing is made easy with just one simple click.
Easy Return
  • EasyReturn™ makes it quick and easy to fold back our screens. Lightweight material and our signature patented hinges with built-in memory provide an easy and quick return to its original position.
  • Our one touch point handle offers not only easy folding and unfolding, but also helps improve infection control.

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