Pulpmatic Uno

The Pulpmatic Uno is our low-use bedpan macerator for smaller hospital wards and care home environments. Capable of processing 1-2 pulp items per cycle, it provides a quieter, economical solution where maceration is a requirement, but demand is minimal.

The Uno’s seven blade macerator disc provides rapid, low-noise maceration for minimal disruption to a small ward setting, with a cycle lasting just 65 seconds.


Reduce cross contamination of infectious materials and minimise the risk of ward outbreaks, keeping staff and patients safe.
Save clinicians’ time and increase productivity by reducing the need for cleaning of reusable items.
Exceptionally economical, using little water and energy to operate.
Versatile unit for low demand areas, be it a dirty utility room or a private patient room.
Reduce hospital budget spend with low operating costs and prevention of ward shutdowns due to infections.


Smaller Capacity

Disposes of 1-2 pulp items per cycle – suitable for lower demand environments.

Rapid Cycle Speed

Rapid 65 second cycle speed – saving clinicians time

Advanced Blade Technology

Advanced 7 bladed technology – pulverises pulp utensil into tiny particles, ensuring all waste is eliminated.

Completely Hands-free

Completely hands-free, no touch operation – reducing the risk of infections spreading to clinicians and further patients.

Free-flowing Output of Waste

Continuous, free-flowing output of waste to drain – ensuring thorough removal of waste.

High Quality Materials and Components

High quality materials and components – including high grade stainless steel and antimicrobial surfaces to reduce the risk of contamination.

Antimicrobial Technology

Antimicrobial technology in lid – stopping the growth of harmful bacteria in its tracks.

Automatic Drain Flush

Automatic drain flush – can be programmed during low use times to limit the build-up of stagnant water and remove the possibility of Legionnaires’ disease.

Various Start Options

Various start options – to suit each facility’s requirements, ranging from self to auto start.

Bespoke Noise Reduction

Bespoke noise reduction – machines are suitable for quieter environments such as patient rooms and isolation wards.

Audio Annunciation

Audio annunciation – helpful voice guidance available in any language, decreasing costly training requirements and reducing the number of staff errors.

Pre- & Post-maceration Self-cleaning Flush

Pre- & post-maceration self-cleaning flush – to limit the residual build up within the waste pipe network and abolish blockages.


It is important to use approved chemicals and products in your machine. Take a look at our Hygenex Range for your Bedpan Washer’s below.

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Technical Information


Stainless Steel Grade 304
Dimensions: w x h x d (lid closed) 400 x 975 ±3 x 510mm
Dimensions: w x h x d (lid open) 400 x 1500 ±3 x 510mm
Weight (Machine Only): 64kg
Weight (Packed):79 79kg
Weight (Export): 84kg
Capacity: 1 to 2 pieces of medical pulp
Operation cycle time: 65 seconds
Decibel rating: 58.9 dBA


110V Voltage: 110V / 60Hz with dedicated 15A breaker (UL Version)
230V Voltage: 230V / 50Hz with dedicated 13A breaker (Minimum)
230V Voltage: 230V / 60Hz with dedicated 13A breaker (Minimum)
Circuit protection 30mA RCD, GFI, IEC60364 compliant
Cable connection: 3 core sheathed x 1.5mm2, 2m long (Not on UL Machine)
3 Phase Voltage: N/A
Circuit protection N/A
Cable connection: N/A
Rated power input: 0.8 kW
Electrical consumption per cycle: 0.006 kWh
Steam generator power: N/A
Motor power: 0.75 kW
Pump power : 0.125 kW


Water connection ¾”  BSP male fitting required (washing machine hose)
Water  pressure: Cold water 0.5 – 10 bar
Water flow rate (Min): 10L per minute at 1 bar
Water tank capacity: 15L
Water consumption per cycle: 9.7L
Waste connection: 50mm ID (2”)
Overflow connection: 22mm


Recommended disinfectant detergents: EcoCleanse+
Disinfection tank volume (external) 5L
Disinfection dosing per cycle: 13mL
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