Panamatic Maxi & Maxi+

The Panamatic Maxi and Maxi+ are our highest capacity bedpan washers, with an extra-large wash chamber to cope with the demands of busy wards, high dependency units or nursing level care settings.

The Maxi+ has the added advantage of a rimflush facility, allowing clinicians to safely dispose of the contents of waste containers prior to disinfection.

Able to accommodate a variety of utensils in various combinations thanks to its multipurpose loading rack, both models can disinfect up to 5 items in a 7-minute cycle.


Reduce cross contamination of infectious materials and minimise the risk of ward outbreaks, keeping staff and patients safe.
Large wash chamber and capacity to suit high usage healthcare environments.
Incorporates the latest technological advances and able to achieve thermal disinfection levels in line with NHS periodic testing guidelines.
Extremely thorough wash performance, eliminating 99.99% of known bacteria.


Extra-large Capacity

Extra-large capacity wash chamber to suit high usage environments – can clean 3 pots and 2 urine bottles per cycle. Our Maxi machine has the largest capacity in the industry.

Rapid Wash Cycle

Rapid 7-minute washing disinfection cycle – eco-friendly and cost effective.

Hands-free Open Technology

Hands-free open technology – using a foot plate to minimise cross infection and facilitate ease of use.


Top-loading – for a simple loading and emptying process.

High-Grade Stainless Steel Casing

High-grade stainless steel casing – which is robust and long-lasting, not easily corroded, and easy to clean and maintain.

Automatic Scale Management System

Automatic scale management system – suitable for soft and hard water areas, to prevent blockages.

Unique Multi-utensil Racking Design

Unique multi-utensil racking design – extremely convenient with one rack to fit all standard bedpan sizes.

Rimflush Function

Rimflush function – the Maxi+ comes with the rimflush facility, which is particularly useful for emptying buckets, etc. Just press the foot pedal with the lid open and the contents are flushed away.

Rotating Wash Nozzles

Rotating wash nozzles and strategically sited spray jets – ensure a superior wash performance.

Programmable Audio

Optional programmable audio in your own language to ensure correct and proper use by staff.


Compact – to save space, making it suitable for all room types and sizes.

Standard Electrical Supply

Standard electrical supply – so you can connect and go!


It is important to use approved chemicals and products in your machine. take a look at our Hygenex Range for your Bedpan Washer’s below.

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Technical Information


Stainless Steel Grade 304
Dimensions: w x h x d (lid closed) 600 x 900 ±3 x 600mm
Dimensions: w x h x d (lid open) 600 x 1500 ±3 x 600mm
Weight (Machine Only): 81kg
Weight (Packed): 96kg
Weight (Export): 96kg
Capacity: 3 pots + 2 urine bottles
Operation cycle time: 7 minutes
Decibel rating: 50.1 dBA


110V Voltage: N/A
230V Voltage: 230V / 50Hz with dedicated 13A breaker (Minimum)
230V Voltage: 230V / 60Hz with dedicated 13A breaker (Minimum)
Circuit protection 30mA RCD, GFI, IEC60364 compliant
Cable connection: 3 core sheathed x 1.5mm2, 2m long
3 Phase Voltage: N/A
Circuit protection N/A
Cable connection: N/A
Rated power input: 2.55 kW
Electrical consumption per cycle: 0.395 kWh
Steam generator power: 2.5 kW
Motor power: N/A
Pump power : 0.75 kW


Water connection ¾”  BSP male fitting required (washing machine hose)
Water  pressure: Cold water 0.5 – 10 bar
Water flow rate (Min): 10L per minute at 1 Bar
Water tank capacity: 27L
Water consumption per cycle: Maxi = 26.2L,  Maxi+= 35.5L
Waste connection: 75mm ID (3”) Pushfit
Overflow connection: 22mm


Recommended disinfectant detergents: EcoWash
Disinfection tank volume (external) 5L
Disinfection dosing per cycle: 30mL
Installation Information

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