Geysir CDD 1060

The design and construction of the Geysir series bedpan washer excel in user-friendliness, technical know-how, safety, cleaning performance and hygiene.
In order to make the units even more user friendly the universal holding frame has been developed so that it offers the highest degree of operating comfort and safety to nursing staff.
This user-friendly universal holding frame, with flawlessly hygienic locking straps, readily accepts the most varied utensils for washing from everyday clinic and nursing use and, if required, can quickly be exchanged without the need for tools.

The optimal positioning of the holding frame in the Geysir series devices means that all goods to be washed are emptied hygienically and with little odour as the door is closed. The ingenious flushing geometry of the Geysir series units, in combination with their ideal positioning, ensures consistent, optimal cleaning and disinfection.

Available in 3 different versions:

  • Basic – the entry level model
  • Classic – hygiene standards at the highest level
  • Premium – Many equipment options

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