esense Sling Range

Our Loop or Clip sling range from esense offers a wide range of slings. The slings are designed for optimal comfort and safety for the caretaker and ease-of-use of the caregiver. The esense slings are provided with unique features like the patented Visual Clip and the line of Seamless slings.

The innovative materials ensure maximum support and comfort during the patients’ transfer. The durable information label is fully sewn instead of printed, making it suitable for washing. Therefore, it remains readable even after washing it over 1000 times.

The slings can be fitted with the unique Visual Clip or with common loops for the highest safety and maximum compatibility. There is a wide choice of types and options for active or passive patient lifts and the slings are available from size XXS to XXL.

Seamless Slings

The Seamless sling is the new generation sling which is supple and stretchable. The patented fabrics regulate temperature, ensure that surface tension is easily released and that forces are evenly distributed over the sling’s surface. The Seamless sling has a clever one-piece design, which eliminates all unnecessary seams (no seams in sitting area). It also ensures that surface tension can be properly eliminated.

Visual Clip

A secure connection between the sling and the patient lift is crucial to ensure safe lifting.
The Visual Clip is the answer. It is provided with small surfaces that change colour when the sling is (dis)connected. When the connection is secure, the surface changes from red to green. The green colour is identifiable and clearly visible for both caregiver and patient.

Visual Clip Sling

The clip is designed in such a way that it can only be attached in one way, ensuring a safe and secure connection at all times.

Available sling types and options

Available types and options

Sling types and options

Active Slings

  • Back Support Slings
  • Corset Slings

Passive Slings

  • Standard Slings
  • All day Slings
  • Seamless Slings
  • Amputation Slings
  • Toilet Slings
  • Disposable Slings
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