Waste Disposal System Product of the Month

The must have Waste Disposal System which is saving care homes and hospitals across Ireland and the UK up to 50% of their waste volume!

Hygenex Vacumatic provides 100% hygienic, efficient, and odourless waste disposal, without the risks of conventional yellow bags. This might be the first time you’ve heard of it, but it could prove revolutionary for your facility – especially if you need a versatile solution, suitable for a small space.

Vacumatic uses a high-quality medical filter to sterilise air from vacuumed disposal bags, completely removing bad odours and bacteria from the extruded air and condensing waste into tightly sealed packages.

All you need to do is empty the waste into an airtight bag and Vacumatic will hermetically seal the contaminated material, ready for safe and easy disposal in the appropriate bin.

If your facility relies on single-use products such as pulp bedpans, bedpan liners, incontinence pads or nappies, Vacumatic allows you to dispose of waste quickly, easily and hygienically, even in areas where bedpan washer or pulp macerator use is not possible.

Vacumatic is:

Completely hands-free, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Suitable for use in combination with all types of disposable bedpans, as well as incontinence pads, nappies and other waste such as handtowels and tissues.

Exceptionally economical, reducing waste volume by 50%.

Extremely quiet, using a validated air valve fitted with a medical bacteria filter.

A safe and efficient alternative to bedpan washers and macerators.

A recent study has shown that Ireland produces the largest amount of Healthcare Clinical Waste in Europe per kg / bed / day. With the cost of medical waste disposal rising year on year, this can quickly become an issue for health care facilities across the nation. The Vacumatic works by compressing the bag of waste by up to 50% of its volume, meaning fantastic savings on your waste disposal costings. This also has great effects on the environment and can help you reach your green objectives in line with the HSE’s Green Healthcare program.

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