March 2023 product of the month esense slings

The launch of esense Slings!

Welcome to the official launch of our line esense Clip and Loop slings. Our range offers unique features such as the Patented Visual Clip and the Seamless Slings. The wide range is designed for optimal comfort and safety for the carer and service user.

Why choose esense slings?

Safer & more cost effective than standard slings.

Our esense slings have a seamless design, which are made from smart technological fabrics, specifically designed for use in slings. The patented fabrics regulate temperature, ensure that surface tension is easily released and forces are more evenly distributed over the slings surface. TheĀ clever one-piece design, eliminates all unnecessary seams, and tears will not form in places they usually would on standard slings. This means you can safely and comfortably lift service users for a longer lifetime than standard slings on the market.

The durable information label is fully sewn instead of printed, making it suitable for washing. Therefore, it remains readable even after washing it over 1000 times. Under HIQA‘s standards , if a label is not legible, the sling must be replaced. This means the lifespan of our slings is far longer than standard slings. It also means lower chances of infection by not putting off washing the slings due to risk of the label becoming damaged.

Loop & Clip Sling

The slings can be fitted with the unique Visual Clip or with common loops for the highest safety and maximum compatibility. There is a wide choice of types and options for active or passive patient lifts and the slings are available from size XXS to XXL.

Patented Visual Clip Sling

A secure connection between the sling and the patient lift is crucial to ensure safe lifting.
The Visual Clip is the answer. It is provided with small surfaces that change colour when the sling is (dis)connected. When the connection is secure, the surface changes from red to green. The green colour is identifiable and clearly visible for both caregiver and patient.

Visual Clip Sling


The clip is designed in such a way that it can only be attached in one way, ensuring a safe and secure connection at all times.

Check out our video on the Visual Clip here:

We have plenty more exciting announcements to come for our esense sling month! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and social media to keep up with the news & we will be back shortly to let you know!

In the mean time, check out our sling guide:

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