Our Silentia Screens are a patented screening system that have been designed to benefit both patients and healthcare staff. At Caretua we believe in quality and these screens are without doubt the best out there. The Silentia screen also boasts a wide product range.

Benefits for you the carer

Easy to clean, aiding infection control

Allow for flexible accommodation within wards

Easy to install, avoiding overhead hoists

Benefits for Patient or Resident

Restrict sight, providing privacy

Segregating genders within ward,

Maintain dignity and reducing sound/noise levels.



 A Silentia screen preserves the integrity of patients without preventing staff from having a good view of the room and having eye contact with each other. This is especially important in intensive care and observation wards where staff also need to have a clear view of monitoring equipment.

This step-up, step-down surface is designed to deliver effective pressure redistribution and unrivalled comfort in static, dynamic & constant low     pressure therapy modes, appropriate to the varying needs of the cared for. It’s suitable for patients up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer. If you are interested in this, or any of our products please contact us here at Caretua.

Silentia Screens satisfy a variety of needs. They can be installed without getting in the way of ceiling hoists or other equipment; they are always on hand and they let the daylight flood in. Simplicity is another benefit, their unique features contribute to maximum hygiene, versatility and ease of use. Their clever design and wide range of heights, lengths and colours also ensure that the Silentia screen fits in well in most care environments. If you are interested in this, or any of our products please Contact us here at Caretua.


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