At Caretua we are always looking at ways to improve, it’s just what we do. Our latest improvement will have a direct positive impact on customers and with that we are delighted to announce that we now have a dedicated installation team.

The installation team (Jason Mockler & Ray Creevy) will be a team solely focused on installing equipment for our customer base. The guys will cover the process from start to finish, right from a site survey to installation of equipment. Both Jason and Ray bring a wealth of experience to the team and having undertook a vast amount of installations for Caretua were the obvious choices to spearhead this exciting new department.

The installation of equipment is something which has been a huge growth area for us as a company and so a dedicated team to focus on this was the next obvious step. It has taken a lot of planning and organisation in the background but we have finally gotten there!

I’m sure you will join us in wishing both Jason and Ray the best of luck in this new and exciting department that will undoubtedly grow over time.

Both Ray(L) and Jason (R) are pictured below.


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