As we are at the midpoint of the year we wanted to remind our customers of the various products we offer here at Caretua. Below is a selection of what we offer. For more information on any of these products you can view our website ,contact us here in head office on 01 433390 or contact your local area representative.


Our range of Overhead Hoists offer a very complete ceiling hoist, which can be delivered with all possible options.


The Caretua range of Mobile Hoists provide versatile options for all your lifting requirements and transfer needs.

Our Silentia Screens are a patented screening system that have been designed to benefit both patients and healthcare staff.

Caretua offer a full range of Bedframes to cover the needs of all care facilities.
All our bedframes offer excellent value whilst delivering comfort, reliability and safety.

The Caretua Mattress range provides you with clinically effective, branded pressure care products of superior quality and value to improve peoples’ lives & create a better everyday.

Caretua offer a full range of Monitoring and falls equipment ranging from Hip Shields to Bed, Chair and Floor Sensor pads and associated monitors.

For more information on any of these products you can view our website

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