The behind the scenes of our work trip to The Netherlands!

At Caretua, we team up with companies all over the world. We always strive to provide high quality service and products and partner up with companies with the same values.

Prior to 2020, we would regularly meet up face to face with these partners, and then the last two years face to face became virtual Microsoft Teams & Zoom meetings. Fortunately, with restrictions easing, we have the opportunity to meet face to face again.

So this brought us to The Netherlands to meet with Patient Lifting Solutions PLS and Indes!

Caretua Indes Esense Slingcare

First stop was to Indes Esense!

We partner up with Indes to supply our Esense line! This mobile hoist range is one of it’s kind in Ireland, giving the staff the ability to care for their patients needs with minimal risk of injury to themselves.

It was great to be able to work together in person. We also got to take a trip around their warehouse to see first hand were the Esense mobile hoist is created!

Esense Mobile Hoist Factory with Indes and Craig Jago and Barry McGrath from Caretua


Next up we met with Patient Lifting Solutions – PLS

We have been fortunate to work with PLS for many years. We have visited them and they have visited us over the years, but due to restrictions we haven’t got to meet in person since prior to 2020! We partner up with PLS to be able to provide you our innovative range of Over Head Hoist systems!

It was another fantastic meeting. With PLS and Caretua teamed up, the possibilities are quite literally limitless. Our Customer Service Rep’s will walk you through the entire process, ensuring you get the best solution for both carer & patient, and our Engineers are fully trained on installing, servicing and repairing your Over Head Hoist.

PLS Factory in the Netherlands and Caretua Management

Exciting things are to come!

A big thankyou to both Indes & PLS for having us over. It is great to get to work together in person again & we hope to continue to be able to do this! It was a fantastic trip which we gained a lot from.

If you have any questions regarding our Indes & PLS products, please get in touch with us! We can help you if you are looking for new products, or to simply upgrade from what you have now. We can also offer trials so you can be sure before you commit!

Let us know if you enjoy this behind the scenes content of what we get up to in Caretua & how we ensure we remain one of the best healthcare supplier companies in Ireland!

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