Caretua Track Components

Components such as turntables, switches and couplings make the Caretua rail system multifunctional. Thanks to the advanced sensor-motion system, these components can be activated so that wall switches or rail contacts are no longer necessary. This unique solution greatly increases ease of use.

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The Caretua Turntable can be applied in a rail crossing. The Turntable is equipped witch our unique Sensor-Motion technology and is available in a 3- and 4-way version.

The Caretua Switch provides an exit in a straight track. A left or right turn, in one smooth movement. The Caretua switches are equipped with our unique Sensor-motion technology.

The Caretua Coupling automatically locks a traverse rail of an XY-system to a fixed track. This way the hoist unit can leave the XY system and enter other rooms. The Caretua Coupling is equipped with our unique Sensor-motion technology.