Caretua BodyHoist

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The Caretua BodyHoist is an easy solution to picking up a corpse, lifting it up and gently placing it into a coffin. The revolutionary body hoist takes only one person to use, where normally this would be a two person task. It even gets hold of a corpse when it is already in the coffin and needs to be taken out. The BodyHoist is not only easy to use, but is also very respectful which makes it a fluid and dignified way of moving a body.

Note: BodyHoist must be used in conjunction with AR260, 350 or 500 Systems.

Technical specications

Maximum hoist weight 260kg*
Maximum Adjustment Shoulder Width 600mm
Maximum Adjustment Ankle Width 350mm
Compatability Caretua BodyHoist must only be used in combination with Caretua overhead hoist system.
Other Adjustable balance point.
Marking CE-marked as a part of the Caretua rail system. In accordance with: EN: 10535:2006 Directive 93/42/EEC

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