Happy International Nurses Day 2022!

Image which says From All Of Us At Caretua Happy International Nurses Day May 12th 2022. The picture has a faded image of a map of the world on the back and cartoon iages of a nurse with nursing equipment. All Colours in the post are shades of white and blue.


Why is the 12th of May 2022 an important day for us in Caretua? The answer is simple, today is International Nurses Day 2022! Nurses are a driving force of why we do what we do and why we are involved within the Irish Healthcare Sector!

The products and services we provide are to be used to greatly increase the day to day well being of its users. Generally our products are used by those who need some type of care whether that be in a hospital / nursing home environment or being within their own home. Without nurses, most of these options would not be available for people. Without Nurses, those in need within our society would not get the help or care they deserve.

We know how important Nurses are, but what do we do to look after them? Well, at Caretua the health, safety and wellbeing of the nurses who use our products are always of number one concern! Every product and service we offer is checked to confirm it is the best possible option for those who use it.

Take a look at the below figures and see for yourself why it is so important that we do this.

60%-70% of all healthcare workers experience back pain & 85% from physical complaints. Caretua aim to be part of the reason that figure goes down. Our products reduce the physical overload risks & create safe working options for nursing staff. We need to do our part so that the people we want to look after us when we’re sick, are looking after themselves first.

We also offer free training on our products. Whether it be refresher training or first time training. You can also request free demonstrations on products you have not used before so you can test them out before you purchase. All this is done so nurses and anyone else who may use the products are confident they can go to work without the worry of injuring the patient or themselves.

Be sure to thank your Nurses every day, but an extra big one today! From us all at Caretua, Thank you Nurses!

Image with shades of blue and white circles with the Caretua Logo , an outline of a nurse and a heart and it says Thank You.

#WorkingTogetherWithCare #InternationalNursesDay

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