The Washington Shower Cradle has been designed specifically for users with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and motor neurone disease.  It is also particularly beneficial for those experiencing involuntary movements and rapidly deteriorating body conditions.  This level of support has now been combined with the benefits of a tilt in space shower chair providing a comfortable and secure bathing solution with a seat recline of between 5 and 35 degrees.

The new tilting cradle is available in 3 standard sizes; small, medium and large.  In addition, custom made models can be designed to suit specific user needs.  Each is complemented by a carefully designed range of padding and support option configurations which can be combined to create a user specific support system providing both comfort and security.

The removable fabric not only allows for hygienic laundering, the simple buckled strap design also allows easy adjustment of the fabric, creating  a hammock effect to support the user as required.  An aperture can be provided within the fabric to assist with bathing.

Side rails are available as an accessory to provide additional security where required, these can be combined with a range of lap straps, harnesses, head and thoracic support cushions.

The corrosion resistant stainless steel frame is coated with a durable white polyester dip coating with an anti-microbial additive to protect against MRSA and comes with a 5 year warranty.