The Sluicemaster Classic Macerator is the base model but has all the advantages of the Sluicemaster Pedigree…offering no-frills class leading performance with proven reliability.  Clad in robust, easy to clean stainless steel, the classic is small enough to fit into benching, while standing up to knocks in the busy sluiceroom.  Running on only cold water, electricity is not wasted heating water.

Benefits of the Sluicemaster Classic:

  • Efficient disposal of up to four pulp products in under 2 minutes, using only 24 litres of water
  • Simple operation, pans in, close hopper, press start
  • Microprocessor control advises on status of system during disposal cycle and self-diagnosis of problems
  • Bugban® – Antimicrobial built in, wipe clean exterior
  • Front and top access for all components
  • 12 months parts warranty