Simpulse 8 Replacement Mattress

Simpulse 8, at the top of this enhanced range, is a dynamic mattress replacement.

This pressure relief mattress provides long-lasting and uninterrupted care for patients up to, and including, very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or for those who have existing tissue damage.

*Use ‘Risk Level’ in conjunction with clinical judgement.

Semi-Auto Pressure Adjustment
The control unit monitors the mattress pressure and maintains it at the set level. If the pressure falls below this level the control unit will automatically speed up the inflation of the mattress until the correct pressure is achieved.

Hard Wearing & Reliable
Long lasting nylon/PU air cell construction offers a hard wearing yet restful surface for the Cared For.

Xtreme Fabric Cover
Xtreme fabric incorporates infection control and anti-decubitus characteristics. Xtreme Fabric Coatings are anti-microbial and offer extended life compared to traditional formulations, with increased resilience to frequent or prolonged exposure of 10,000 ppm of active chlorine.

Xtreme fabric ensures Simpulse 8 conforms to the most stringent infection prevention policies.

External, Easy Replacement Controll Unit Filters
Allows for in-house maintenance ratehr than requiring professional servicing, saving money for the care provider

CPR Pull Cord
A CPR pull cord ensures rapid deflation in the event of an emergency.

Pressure Adjustment For Optimal Comfort
Easy to use pressure adjustment allows Carers to set the mattress to the comfort levels of the individuals they care for

Securing Straps
Ensures the mattress can be secured in place for patient safety

Multi-stretch, Waterproof & Vapour Permeable Cover
The Multi-stretch cover reduces friction and shear as the Cared For move/are repositioned. Waterproof and vapour permeable properties reduce moisture and aid microclimate control.

Machine Washable Cover up to 95C
Ensures covers can be cleaned and decontaminated effectively to aid infection prevention

Safety Features

Static Base Cell
4″ static base cell ensures comfortable support even in the event of a power failure.

Static Function with Auto Return
Static function enables safer patient transfers, whilst auto-return ensures the surface is not left in firm mode unintentionally.

Audible Low Pressure Alert
A red indicator flashes and an audible signal sounds if the pressure becomes unacceptably low during operation.

  • One in two cell-cycle design giving optimum therapy
  • Optional 10/15 mins cycle time
  • Static function with auto return
  • 8″ depth including static base cell
  • Long lasting nylon/PU air cell construction
  • Multi-stretch waterproof and vapour permeable cover
  • CPR pull cords for rapid deflation
  • Machine washable cover up to 95°C
  • Audible low pressure alert
  • Pressure adjustment
  • External, easy replacement control unit filters
  • 2 year warranty (subject to annual service)
Technical Data
  • Minimum Weight Limit No minimum
  • Maximum Weight Limit 222kg (35 stone)
  • Cover Material Xtreme fabric coated multi-stretch nylon
  • Mattress Dimensions (inflated) 2000 x 900 x 203mm
  • Control Unit Dimensions 280 x 100 x 205mm
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