Flexi By Pure Air

Flexi is an advanced crossover mattress born out of the high end Pure Air range. Innovative in its design, this uniquely constructed pressure relieving mattress combines modern foam technology with Select Medicals proven figure eight air cell designs. This step-up, step-down surface is designed to deliver effective pressure redistribution and unrivaled comfort in static, dynamic & constant low pressure therapy modes, appropriate to the varying needs of the cared for. It’s suitable for patients up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

*Use ‘Risk Level’ in conjunction with clinical judgement.

3 Operation Modes

Alternate cells deflate and inflate over a defined time period causing the pressure over any one part of the body to change regularly.

Constant Low Pressure
Reduces the contact pressure by increasing the surface area over which the patient is supported. By contouring to the shape of the body, the patient is gently immersed into the mattress.

A blend of high resilience foams over a zonal surface creates a perfect static sleep surface, whilst maximising pressure redistribution.

Patented Cell Design

The patented ‘Figure 8’ cell design with the unique ‘I’ beam construction ensures that no ballooning of the cells can occur. Ballooning can compromise the comfort of the Cared For and create peak pressures.

Inflated air cell pressures in the active state can remain low, providing an increase in surface area. This ensures optimum immersion at all times and delivers enhanced comfort levels

Axis Technology

A longitudinal cell design over the torso area has been designed to prevent the patient falling between air cells. It provides a much more all-round comfortable support surface.

Carers can carefully glide their patient across the torso section and up the mattress in formation with the longitudinal cells. This limits friction and shear forces over traditional horizontally arranged surfaces.

Convex Base Contour
The longitudinal pattern combined with the ‘Figure 8’ cells, over a convex foam base, encourages the Cared For onto their side as part of their repositioning regime. This natural and gentle movement of the body ensures the Cared For regularly change their position across each alternating cycle

Dedicated Heel Zone
The combination of the longitudinal cells and the narrower, horizontally arranged heel section delivers a true heel zone for off-loading peak pressures in this vulnerable area.

Xtreme Fabric
Xtreme fabric incorporates infection control and anti-decubitus characteristics. Xtreme Fabric Coatings offer extended life compared to traditional formulations, with increased resilience to frequent or prolonged exposure of 10,000 ppm of active chlorine.

Xtreme Crib 7 fabric with welded seams ensure Flexi conforms to the most stringent infection prevention and Health & Safety policies.

  • Two cell alternating over a 10/15 minute cycle time
  • 6″ depth (15cm)
  • 15 fully alternating air cells
  • Durable PU air cell construction
  • Welded, Dartex multi-stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable cover
  • Machine washable cover up to 95°C
  • Pressure adjustment for optimum comfort
  • External, easy replacement pump filters
  • Audible low pressure alert
  • Alert mute
  • Cycle fault audible alert
  • Control panel lock
  • 3 year warranty (subject to annual service)
  • 3 therapy modes; static, alternating & constant low pressure
Technical Data
  • Minimum Weight Limit No minimum
  • Maximum Weight Limit 222kg (35 stone)
  • Cover Material Dartex-Polyurethane coated multi-stretch nylon
  • Cell Material PU
  • Mattress Dimensions 1980 x 890 x 150mm
  • No of Cells 15
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