Magic Lifting Bathtubs


GK quality always possesses many facets. And thus enables a perfect symbiosis between user-friendliness for nursing staff and well-being for those requiring care to be created with the innovative MAGIC-Line.

Each MAGIC lift bath meets the highest requirements to function, ergonomics and ease of use in accordance with the state of the art safety and hygiene-specific findings.

High-quality materials and meticulous workmanship in connection with the experience-based expertise ensure durability, stability and solidity.

MAGIC is available in 4 different models (100, 1000, 2000, 3000), with each model adapting to the needs of its users ideally by numerous equipment options.



MAGIC 1000

MAGIC 2000

MAGIC 3000

Hebebadewanne Magic 3000
Optionally with side door and foot switch


  1. Lockable console lid

  2. Self-closing shower (depressurized when not in use)

  3. Service-friendly access opening

  4. Integrated armrest with handle

  5. Height-adjustable feet

  6. Ergonomic shape of the tub body

  7. User friendly control panel with digital display
    for tub water and fill-in temperature

  8. Bath spout with integrated bath oil and
    shampoo dispensers and automatic dispenser rinsing

  9. Electrical waste and overflow set

  10. Tub protective rubber edge

  11. Patented 5-jet hydro massage with individually
    replaceable nozzles

  12. Removable inlet nozzles for cleaning

  13. Up/down function with integrated emergency lowering

  14. 3 pre-programmed filling levels

  15. Integrated disinfection system with
    programmable exposure time

  16. Slide-in grooves for tub shortener


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