Viking™ M mobile lift is a general-purpose lift with the intended use in health care, intensive care and rehabilitation, and is an excellent aid in daily transfers of both adults and children. With 3 various lifting height positions Viking M mobile lift gives a flexibility for most lifting situations such as lifting to and from wheel chair, bed, toilet and floor.

Horizontal lifting can also be performed in combination with the Liko™ OctoStretch™ accessory.

With the Viking™ Armrest accessory, Viking M mobile lift can be used for gait training.

The control box together with the hand control contains a series of features which meet the needs for a safe and comfortable lift. Data is collected in the control box (work counter & intelligent cycle counter) and can be read out from the information display. Individual fitting of Liko slings and other Liko lifting accessories to fit the patient is of the utmost importance for optimal performance and safety when using the lift.

Safe Working Load 205kg.