Liko Rollon

Up on your own

The RollOn™ can be described as a smooth raising support developed for safe transfers to and from a sitting position. It works very well as an aid to and from the toilet or between the bed and a chair.

The RollOn can be a good alternative to a wheelchair in situations where patients risk injuring themselves or a caregiver; for example, when the patient is to stand up after an operation or perhaps after childbirth; anytime, in fact, when balance is affected.

Furthermore, when a patient has slid forward in a wheelchair, the RollOn can also be used to reposition them to a good sitting position.

The RollOn is based on the principle that the patient uses his or her own strength to pull themselves up to a standing position. The caregiver lowers the padded rear supports, and the patient is surrounded by a safe and stable support. The comfortable lower-leg support pivots to provide evenly distributed support from sitting to standing.


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy to adjust
  • Padded supports
  • Handybelt
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