RollOn support for raising is a manual assistive device developed for safe transfers to and from the sitting position. The RollOn is intended for patients who have considerable difficulty walking but have good arm strength and the necessary leg strength to support their full weight. The RollOn bridges the gap between conventional walkers and powered sit-to stand lifts.

The RollOn is a reliable aid during raising and it facilitates transfers, for example, between bed, chair/wheelchair and toilet.

The RollOn is adjusted to meet the needs of the individual patient. With a correctly adjusted seat frame and lower-leg support, the patient is assured of secure support that will enable them to stand safely and with good stability.

The raising handle facilitates several different grasping alternatives for the patient during raising. The base is easily adjusted for different wheelchairs and beds.

The torso cushion helps to support the body during dressing and undressing, e.g., in connection with visits to the toilet. The rear supports support the patient during transfers and are not intended for the patient to sit on.

If the patient is periodically unable to participate in a transfer with the support for raising, we recommend the use of the powered sit-to-stand lift Sabina.