Liko M220/M230

Basic lifting needs for most patient types

Like many other Liko™ products, the Liko™ M220 and M230 mobile lifts feature an intuitive design that makes the lifts extraordinarily easy to use, even for caregivers new to lift operation.

Coupled with a wide range of available slings and accessories, the lifts create a secure and comfortable lifting experience for both residents and caregivers. The Liko M230 model is fully electric, including the base-width adjustment, while the Liko M220 model has a manual base.

These easy-to-use, innovative lifts are designed to meet standard lifting needs in home care and nursing home environments with same durability and quality you have come to trust.

Safe Working Load 182kg


Lifting needs

With the Liko M220 and M230 mobile lifts, you can meet all of the most common lifting needs, including lifting from the floor.


The battery can be charged while on the lift or easily removed for external wall-charging


Base-width adjustment on the M230 is electrically operated and on the M220 lift the base is easily widened with a pedal. All to allow easy access around chairs or other furniture.

Easy lifting

The long lift arm allows for easy patient rotation and easily lifting the patient to the centre of the bed.

Low Base

A low base clearance of 105 mm means the lifting base fits easily under most beds.


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