The Incomaster macerator is a cost saving alternative to yellow bag collections, disintegrating pads and nappies to a fine pulp with auto start technology.  It is low maintenance and easy to install, capable of processing four items in under 2 minutes.  The Incomaster is the only macerator that can deal with all types of pads.

Incomaster benefits:

  • Hygienic-greater infection control
  • Low cost-no waste collection required
  • Easy to use-put incontinence products in, close lid, press start
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance if the instructions are followed
  • Fast and efficient cycle times-up to 4 pads in 2 minutes
  • Converts disposable products into a fine pulp allowing for standard flush through drainage
  • Requires only a cold water source, electricity and drainage
  • Bugban ® – active antimicrobial built into the plastic, wipe clean exterior
  • Water curtain cleans hopper and impeller
  • Easy installation and full service backup