AliMed ONE® Wireless Alarm Base

AliMed ONE® Wireless Alarm Base is the central fall alarm unit for the AliMed ONE Wireless Fall Monitoring System (learn more below). The Alarm Base mounts in the patient room and pairs with up to six compatible wireless fall monitoring devices (all sold separately) for caregiver notification of patient activity or elopement. Unique one-touch EZPair™ technology makes for quick and easy pairing with devices. Fully gasketed speaker allows for complete cleaning. System can be put on hold to move patients as needed. Long-lasting battery has a 4-month life span under typical usage, batteries not included.

3″W x 5-1/4″H x 1-1/2″D • 1′ integral nurse call cable • External controls: Reset, Hold, Pair • Internal controls: Nurse call, silent/volume, tone, clear channels, lock/pair • Wipes clean

Product Features:


 Pairs With  Wireless Hall Alert, Wireless Sensor Pad Transmitter
(Connects with sensor pads)
 Alarm/Channel Status Indicator  Yes
 Low Battery Indicator  Yes
 System Reset  Yes
 Nurse-Call Integration  Yes
 No. of Tone Settings  3
 Volume  80dB/90dB/100dB
 Mounting Hardware  Yes (Wall Mount)
 Batteries Included/Type  No/AA (3)

About the AliMed ONE Wireless Fall Monitoring System
The AliMed ONE System operates from a single central Alarm Base and pairs with up to six compatible wireless monitoring devices plus a Hall Alert. Easy to set up with no messy cords or wires to manage, the AliMed ONE System reduces trip hazards and allows for various room configurations for comprehensive fall management.

Start with the Alarm Base and add system components based on your patients’ needs (all sold separately):
Wireless Alarm Base (#713815, central fall alarm unit)
Wireless Hall Alert (#713816, for visual and audible hallway alerts)
Wireless Sensor Pad Transmitter (#713818, one required for each sensor pad)
Wireless Bed Sensor Pad (#713819, each pad requires a transmitter to operate)
Wireless Chair Sensor Pad (#713821, each pad requires a transmitter to operate)
Wireless Motion Sensor (#713817, for additional protection against wandering)


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Frequently Asked Questions
Component Functionality and Pairing
  1. Does the Alarm Base have a silent mode?
Yes. The Alarm Base can be set to silent and will only sound at the Nurses’ station (when connected to the nurse call system) and/or at the Hall Alert (if installed) so the alarm noise does not disturb patients in their room.
  1. Does a nurse call cable come with the Alarm Base?
Yes. The Alarm Base comes with an integral 1-foot nurse call cable that connects directly to the nurse call jack in the patient’s room.
  1. Can I buy additional nurse call cords for the Alarm Base?
No. The nurse call cord is integral and permanently attached to the Alarm Base.
  1. Can the Hall Alert reset the Alarm Base?
Yes. When the Alarm Base sounds, press the RESET button on the Hall Alert to reset the system to active.
  1. How far apart can the Alarm Base be from the Hall Alert?
The approximate wireless transmission range (in open field) is 150 feet.
  1. How are the Alarm Base and Hall Alert mounted to the wall?
The Alarm Base and Hall Alert attach to the wall using the included wall mounts. All mounting hardware is included.
  1. What do I do if the Alarm Base will not pair with the transmitter?
    1. Ensure you are not trying to pair two alarm systems simultaneously in the same room as they can interfere with one another.
    2. Try clearing the paired channel by opening the battery compartment on the Alarm Base and pressing the “Clear Channels” button. Then re-pair the Transmitter.
    3. If you are trying to pair multiple devices, pair one at a time. Once a device is paired, it must be moved out of pairing range from the Alarm Base (minimum 3 inches) before pairing the next device.
    4. If you’re still experiencing issues, please call Customer Service at 800-225-2610 for assistance.
  2. Should the Transmitter be paired with the Alarm Base before it is connected to the Sensor Pad?
Yes. Pair the Transmitter to the Alarm Base BEFORE connecting it to a Sensor Pad.
  1. How far apart can the Sensor Pad Transmitter be from the Alarm Base?
Standard patient room distance. Note: This is an in-room system and therefore it is not recommended for monitoring patient movement in hallways or common areas.
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